Botox & Dysport

We all want to look younger and feel more confident in our appearance, but as we age, wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet become common on all our faces. Now there’s a way to look younger through treatment for moderate to deep wrinkles.

Botox or Dysport cosmetic injections provide treatment for deep wrinkles in the face and neck by temporarily paralyzing those muscles most responsible for skin contractures.

Botox and Dysport are two of the most popular treatments for deep wrinkles because the results are very pleasing, with minimal discomfort and few, if any, side effects. Results generally last four to six months.



So I went to the Vein and Aesthetic Center quite impulsively and didn’t really know what to expect. I had two areas that bothered me; the lines above my upper lip, and pretty significant lines (ok, they are flat out wrinkles!) on my forehead. I met with Dr. Hondo and she spent quite a bit of time talking with me about what I wanted and then offered her opinion on what she felt was best. She was very honest with me when I shied away from the fillers for the upper lip, which would have been the best fix; and told me that I might not get the results I wanted with Botox, but I felt absolutely no pressure at all; it was a very candid, honest conversation and I felt at ease immediately.

She could sense my apprehension and my concern that these treatments would be noticeable, and suggested we do it in stages so I could assess as we progressed. I trusted and embraced Dr. Hondo’s opinion and she made me feel comfortable with my decisions. The incredibly warm and professional staff checked in with me in between appointments to see how I was doing. The atmosphere at the Vein and Aesthetic Center is friendly, warm and caring.

I love the results, they are just what I expected, and I look forward to keeping my outer self looking as youthful as my inner self feels! I highly recommend Dr. Hondo and everyone at the center. They are wonderful people who clearly have a great working relationship, which results in a very positive atmosphere.
– Maria

I had my first Botox treatment. I was very nervous about having it. It was the greatest thing. What a dramatic improvement in my crow’s feet and frown lines. It was so easy and painless! Thanks Dr. Foley
– Melissa A, Cohasset

Botox has taken away that tired look! My kids tell me I don’t look mad any longer.
– Jayne B, Medway

I have been seeing Dr. Hondo about three times a year for Botox since 2006. My forehead is completely smooth and free of lines. I feel like I look five years younger!
– Paula F., Attleboro