Hand Vein Treatments

hand veins treatment

As we age, our skin thins. For some, this causes the veins on the back of the hand to become very prominent, which can age the appearance of the hands. Fortunately, in-office treatments are available which are virtually painless and require minimal recovery time. Two options are sclerotherapy (injections) and phlebectomy (surgical removal). Both leave hands with a more youthful appearance and remove only unwanted veins, preserving other veins in the area for potential intravenous access.



I was so happy to learn there is an effective treatment for prominent hand veins! It was pretty painless and immediate downtime was brief, though it took a bit of patience for final results, with which I am thrilled! My hands look smooth again and I really admired the way Dr. Hondo was so meticulous and informative throughout the whole procedure; I would recommend this to anyone who is a suitable candidate.
– Anna B.