New Skin Brightening Product Promises Great Results

by veinfix on April 12, 2013

Girl with Freckles

Treating skin discolorations such as age spots, sun spots, acne scars, melasma, and other hyperpigmentation issues can be tricky. In the past, over-the-counter creams and potions rarely got the job done, and, while prescription alternatives were effective, they didn’t come without side effects.

Luckily, if you suffer from skin discolorations, SkinMedica has recently launched a new, effective, and hydroquinone-free product called Lytera. It took SkinMedica four years to develop Lytera, making sure the end result was a formulation with maximum efficacy.

“We have been waiting a long time for a product like Lytera,” said Lorraine Morrill, Laser & Skin Care Specialist at The Vein & Aesthetic Center of Boston. “Patients can be embarrassed by dark spots and uneven skin tone and we want to be able to offer them a product that really works and can be used every day as a complimentary product to their skin routine.”

Lytera is a non-prescription formula that uses ingredients such as niacinamide, stabilized vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), retinol, and licorice root, all ingredients with good track records of their ability to lighten discolorations.

Clinical studies with Lytera have shown improvements to the skin in as little as 4 weeks with significant reduction after 12 weeks. It can be used on the entire face, as well as hands, neck, and décolleté. “Our patients love Lytera especially for the hands and décolleté,” says Lorraine. “These areas tend to show signs of aging first, so women especially are anxious to treat them.”

One important thing to remember when using Lytera or any other skin lightening/brightening product is that it is essential to use sunscreen daily and try to avoid sun exposure. “Whenever you try to reverse sun damage, you must be diligent about sun protection,” says Lorraine. “Any effort to correct discolorations can quickly be reversed after exposing the area to sun again.”

You can find Lytera at The Vein & Aesthetic Center of Boston.