Ambulatory Phlebectomy

ambulatory phlebectomyAmbulatory phlebectomy is a minimally invasive approach to the treatment of larger varicose veins on the surface of the leg. Best used with a visible bulging vein, ambulatory phlebectomy involves removing the bulging veins through small freckle-size incisions while using a local anesthetic. The permanent removal of the veins leads to excellent long-term results, including optimal cosmetic appearance with minimal scarring at a competitive cost.

Patients who undergo ambulatory phlebectomy wear compression stockings for 2 weeks following treatment and can return to normal activity right away.



After extensive leg surgery, my leg veins enlarged and the leg felt heavy and swollen. I then consulted with 3 vein surgeons and felt that Dr. Hondo could help me. Her expertise and bedside manner were impressive. I had my veins removed from the surface of my skin, and I cannot be happier with the results. I am grateful for the
excellent care that Dr. Hondo and her staff gave me.
– Nicholas D, Brookline (74 years old)

I initially started seeing large veins after the birth of my first child 18 years ago. I had 5 surgeries over the years to remove unsightly veins. The surgeries were invasive. The recovery was long and painful. Unfortunately, after each surgery my varicose veins always returned. Once I started seeing Dr. Foley, she performed procedures on my veins that were much less invasive. I was able to have the procedures done right in the doctors office. The recovery from the procedures has been minimal. The best news is that my varicose veins have not returned.
– Mary T.

“I’m a current patient of Dr. Elizabeth Foley and am very impressed
with her medical expertise! I’ve had a couple AP’s for bulging veins in my legs, and boy, they look great! I also tried Botox for the first time in my forehead area, and wow, no more wrinkle lines either! Best way to do something for myself and make me feel great!
– Carol, Westwood, MA