Compression Stockings

  • compression stockings

Graduated compression stockings give support to the legs and help improve blood circulation back to the heart. They may slow the progression of vein disease and give symptomatic relief to pain in your legs. They do not prevent or cure varicose veins .

We supply a range of compression stocking types and styles – some even look like department store socks or panty hose – going up to your thighs from different manufacturers (Mediven, Juzo, Jobst, Sigvaris, Therafirm) to address patient needs. For a person temporarily suffering from varicose veins while pregnant it makes a smart choice. We recommend the most appropriate compression stockings based on your needs and preferences to support treatment of varicose veins.

Contact us today and ask about Compression Stockings. We will answer your questions and explain the benefits of support hose.

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