Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT®)


endovenous laser treatment bostonEVLT® is a new approach to treating the superficial leg veins that can most often become varicosed, the great and small saphenous veins. EVLT® is a minimally invasive alternative to hospital-based vein stripping and can be performed in the office under local anesthesia, without the risks associated with general anesthesia and groin dissection. Recuperation is much faster; the patient leaves the office immediately following the procedure and returns to normal activities the next day, without the need for bed rest.

In some instances, EVLT® is combinedwith other treatments – such as sclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, or ambulatory phlebectomy – to fully address the individual’s venous disease.

After EVLT® , patients generally report marked improvement of their heaviness, fatigue and generalized leg pain. In addition, they ususally see significant reduction of the size of their surface veins.



I had many concerns when I decided to see Dr. Hondo for my bulging leg veins that were not only unsightly but also causing some physical symptoms. I was concerned that my veins weren’t treatable, but if they were, what the procedure would entail (and where). I was also concerned about downtime afterwards and pain involved during the procedure. I’m pleased to say that my experience was only positive. Dr. Hondo was extremely thorough in reviewing my medical history, answering my questions and explaining the steps that would make my legs not only look better but feel better. A few times I called with a question, and she would actually get on the phone with me to discuss my concerns.

The morning of the procedure, I remember being very nervous and even thought of canceling. Thankfully I didn’t. Although a bit uncomfortable at times, it really was no big deal. The procedure was done in the office with an optional valium. In fact, I found the downtime to be the toughest part in that I’m very active (the only exercise allowed for two weeks is walking). Now I am once again very active, I can wear shorts with confidence. and my legs feel great too. I cannot recommend Vein & Aesthetic Center of Boston enough to treat your varicose veins. Dr. Hondo is an extremely sharp, diligent, patient and caring professional.
– Julie S.

Over the years the veins on my legs became more pronounced and embarrassing to me. After having two children they became worse and I knew I had to do something about them. After researching (and meeting with) other doctors, I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Foley and her staff. Within the past year, I have had 2 EVLT’s and 2 APs. After each EVLT® I immediately noticed that at the end of the day my legs did not have the heavy, tired feeling to them. And, after the APs, I was so happy with the appearance of my legs (no more ugly, blue protruding veins)! I no longer shy away from wearing shorts or skirts because of the embarrassing blue veins. Thank you to both Dr. Foley and Dr. Hondo for their great work!
– Paula P, Braintree