spider vein removalSclerotherapy is used to treat problem blood vessels. It involves injecting a solution into unwanted, diseased veins using a very small needle. The solution, or sclerosant, produces an irritation that slowly closes off the vein which then gradually disappears.

The needle used to perform sclerotherapy is about the size of a hair and causes minimal discomfort; most people find this relatively painless. Sclerotherapy is an excellent treatment for certain kinds of varicose veins.

After sclerotherapy, patients report less pain from their veins and that their legs are generally more comfortable, allowing them to return to their normal activities. They also report improved cosmetic appearance in their legs and renewed confidence when wearing skirts or shorts since unsightly veins have been addressed.



Dr. Foley treated my spider veins on my thighs and around my knees. I am 27 years old and was embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts not to mention going to the beach. My legs look great! I feel so much better about myself. Thanks to Dr. Foley and her staff.
– Jenny L, Norton

I recently had medical sclerotherapy with Dr. Foley for my varicose veins. My legs always ached and were unsightly. They feel so much better now. I can hardly see the blue veins any longer. I’ll just need a few more visits of sclerotherapy and I will be ready for the summer.
– Jillian B, Canton

“I went the Vein & Aesthetic Center of Boston after being referred by my doctor for treatment of varicose & spider veins.I could not be happier with the results. After having sclerotherapy and seeing such a great outcome, I decided to have a Botox treatment. I could not be happier–No down time, no veins, no wrinkles!
– Kathleen K, Needham

“Doctor Foley and her staff were great! The procedure went flawlessly and was virtually painless. I am delighted with the results.”
– Pam B.

I would like to commend your office & staff for the splendid treatment I
received when I underwent the Evlt procedure to remove some unsightly veins on my leg. Dr. Hondo has the gentlest touch, and she and the medical assistants were as considerate of me and my comfort as I ever could have wanted The results were terrific.
– Robert K, Needham

“I was very pleased with results of the removal of varicose veins. My legs had bulges mostly in the front of my leg which made it difficult to wear Capri’s and shorts. The location of the office was very conveniently located. The staff was very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Foley and her staff.”
– Maureen R.

“Dr. Foley’s consultative approach results in a personalized treatment plan. I really appreciate the time she takes to get results that are just right for me. I feel younger and am so grateful to be in the care of Dr. Foley.”
– Susan C.

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